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wedding videographer
wedding videographer
wedding videographer
wedding videographer
wedding videographer
wedding videographer
wedding videographer
elegant & with soul
Made with love

Magical wedding videos

Claudia & Alejandro

Wedding in Cuenca (Spain)

Simply unique, beastly. First of all, highlight Marià as a professional and as a person. A close treatment that from the first day shows itself as it is and describes its way of working without deception. A close person, and a professional who makes everything flow, make it easy and natural for the bride and groom (and guests) that day, the shots and/or poses.

His work is exquisite, and reaches excellence. Something totally different, unique. From the second you feel that what you have created is totally your love story, it identifies with the couple and represents exactly what the love story is. That has been our experience.

We have felt that the videos show us as people and as a couple. What we feel for each other, our personality, what we are together and what that day was like. Seriously, his work is EXCEPTIONAL, and everything we try to express in words does not do justice to how happy, content, enthusiastic and excited we are with the result, and also with him.

It is a totally different job, that makes you vibrate, that excites you, full of love and feeling. A brutal, magnificent experience. If you have the opportunity, really, contact him because you will be amazed.

Thank you, Marià, for capturing the happiest day of our lives. Your professionalism and the result are worthy of admiration. You are a crack in every way. The result is beautiful. Thanks from my heart.

Marina & Rodrigo

Wedding in Asturias (Spain)

Simply incredible. Marià is a phenomenon, an artist capable of making every millimeter of your soul vibrate with her videos. He knows how to capture every emotion at all times. In addition to being a great professional, he is a beautiful person who makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. The climate of trust that is generated makes the result speak for itself. For us it is a true 10 in every way. He is impeccable and it is difficult not to be moved by every minute of his work. We would choose it again a million times. The only thing we can say is THANK YOU for joining us that day and for creating the most beautiful memory we could imagine and that will accompany us for a lifetime. It's pure art.

Elsa & Pablo

Wedding in Asturias (Spain)

The experience with Marià was TOP.

From minute one he conveyed his professionalism and good vibes to us.

Always with all the information at our disposal and generating a lot of confidence in us, in the end it was seen in the result of our wedding videos.

Full of its peculiar essence and all the details, different videos. A brutal memory for our entire life, we would choose it again without a doubt.

Sandra & Cristian

Wedding in Zaragoza (Spain)

Thanks to Marià we have a magical memory of our wedding.

He does an impeccable, original and different job, with a good editing rhythm, capturing the essence of each special moment of the wedding, the emotions are palpable in the atmosphere of the video and it makes you go back there and vibrate when you see it. We highlight his great work and quality of service, his professionalism and close treatment and the good vibes he transmits, adapting in a chameleonic way to the most complicated weather conditions and last minute changes (at our wedding it rained in many parts of the day and his work was exemplary).

We recommend him 100% and we would hire him again without a doubt.

Isabel & David

Wedding in Asturias (Spain)

We met Mariá through social networks by chance and when we saw her great work we were clear... a 10!! We loved it, we wanted an original video and so he did it. We have a very nice memory of our big day. We would catch him again with our eyes closed, a great professional and a better person! 100% recommended!!

Paula & Alejandro

Wedding in Asturias (Spain)

Choosing La Vie en Film for our day was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Recording with Marià has been at the same time fun. Hyper beautiful, she is capable of making difficult things easy and above all she has been able to capture everything beautiful, emotional, important and unforgettable about a day just as we dreamed of it so that we can relive it and again.

Not my ten for you, you deserve a THOUSAND

unique experience?

ready to create

I would like nothing more than to enter your universe and connect with your souls to create a memory that shines throughout eternity.

They say that every molecule in our body once belonged to a star, that we will never stop shining.

If you are adventurers, travelers, happy, non-conformists, you like creativity, laughter, life, love and value your memories, we are close to connecting and creating your own love story.


Yes I do

Whatever country you live in, I am prepared to capture your story and turn it into a universe of emotions and feelings.

​From your craziest wedding to your most intimate, you will have a memory 100% created for you. Do you dare? I do, I want to.

wedding videographer

Let's laugh, cry and dance.

Let's get excited

and revive them
and again

Because the best
experiences deserve

be remembered

i'm mARIÀDestination Videographer
From Barcelona and Asturias
for all of Spain and the world

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